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Comic Book Pressing

Comics By Go now offers a comic book pressing service.  Pressing can greatly diminish and in some cases totally remove minor defects from comic books such as dents, non-color breaking folds, bends, waviness and spine roll. In most cases removal of these defects will raise the grade and in turn the value of the book.

Comic Book Dry Cleaning

The gentle removal of contamination from the white areas of the comic book including interior pages, back and front cover. No water, peroxides or solvents of any kind are used. CGC does not refer to pressing and dry cleaning as restoration.

Pressing and Cleaning Pricing and Submission

ComicsByGo offers basic dry cleaning and pressing at an affordable $11 per comic book.   This price includes a dry cleaning of front and back cover.  Includes necessary prep work prior to pressing.  Includes multiple pressings as needed for satisfactory results.  Fast Track Service available...Please Inquire.  Turn around times very depending on size of order and on number of orders ahead of yours. 

Once you decide to submit books, click the submit button below and follow the directions.  ComicsByGo will receive your submission and contact you within 24 hours with a customized quote based on the information you submit.

Please read the Pressing and Cleaning Terms of Service.

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