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Always Buying!

Do you have a collection to sell?  ComicsByGo is always buying!  And the great thing for you is that we are not the high pressure comic book dealers that want to give you rock bottom dollar for your cherished collectibles.  We are hobbyists at heart.  We have regular jobs that support our families.  Comic Books and Collectibles is a side hobby.  We will treat you and your collection with great respect and dignity.  We know how much time goes in to putting a collection together.  And becasue we are hobbyists first, we might be more interested in your collection becasue we want to add it to our collection.  We don't just sell...We also collect. 


We are very interested in buying collections both large and small.  If you have a collection you are interested in selling, please click the button.  You'll be directed to our contact page.  There you can tell us about yourself and your collection.  We'll get back in touch with you as soon as possible.


If we cant work out a deal to buy your collection, we may be able to consign your books or collectibles.  Contact

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