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THE CUSTOMER:  In submitting comic books, you, the customer, acknowledge and agree to the terms and conditions outlined below:

  1. Shipping comic books:   The Customer will ensure that the book(s) are safely and securely packed and adequately insured for the proper value of the book(s). This is the sole responsibility of the customer.  The customer agrees to pay for return shipping once ComicsByGo services are completed. 

  2. ComicsByGo will take many precautions to ensure that no damage is caused to your book(s) or that your book(s) are not lost, while in the possession of ComicsByGo, However, there is always some risk that a client’s book(s) may suffer damage or loss, either during handling, application of services, or otherwise. The customer accepts and assumes all such risk when submitting the book(s) to ComicsByGo.

  3. ComicsByGo and all ComicsByGo associates, employees, etc, will not be held responsible or liable for any damage suffered by your book(s), or loss of such book(s), during shipping, handling, treatment or otherwise. Any attempt(s) by ComicsByGo, its employees, or associates to repair any such damage or to recognize such loss is made without accepting responsibility for such damage or loss, and is not an acknowledgement of fault for such damage or loss.


Furthermore, by signing the customized quote and submission paperwork, the customer acknowledges that they have read and understand all of the terms and conditions, authorizes ComicsByGo and/or his associates to proceed with the work order as outlined in submission and assumes any and all risks as outlined, and indemnifies ComicsByGo from any damage or liability that may occur as a result of this engagement.



  1. ComicsByGo works on a first come – first served basis. ComicsByGo will provide an approximate date indicating when the pressing/cleaning services will be completed, and will promptly notify the customer concerning delivery. ComicsByGo will work diligently to return the book(s) in a timely fashion, however, delays can occur. In the rare occurrence of a delay in completion of services, ComicsByGo will contact the customer promptly to update time of completion of services.

  2. Upon completion or services, ComicsByGo will sleeve all cleaned and pressed comic books in new comic book bags and boards for optimum protection.

  3. All bags, boards and/or protective cases that accompany your comics upon submission will be disposed of and/ or recycled.

  4. ComicsByGo will safely box and package all comic books for return shipping.

  5. Upon full payment of the work order, ComicsByGo will contact the client and arrange for delivery of the book(s).

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