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Comic Book Pressing and Dry Cleaning

Customer Reviews

Customer service and satisfaction is very important to ComicsByGo.  We want you to be thrilled with our products and services! 

Below you will find real reviews from some of our more recent customers. 

We are always open to receiving your comments and reviews.  If you have any questions, please email us at

If you want the best for your comics/investment and are a little bit hesitant and want to find a reputable place to send your comics to get pressed, than look no where else than Comics By Go.  Lets face it, trying to find a place online to send probably some of your best comics off to get pressed, to someone you've never met, outside of your town, can be a little bit nerve racking and stressful.  I had to go through that a second time because the first place I sent some books to decided to close shop when they finished my books.  Well, not only did Comics By Go do a better job at pressing and dry cleaning my books, but Mr. Ogle at Comics By Go set my mind at ease right away by sending me an email when he received my books and continually sent me emails through the process so I didn't feel like my comics were lost out there somewhere.  I even had some concerns about one specific book and Mr. Ogle was nice enough to take some photos to see what I thought.  I was blown away by this level of costumer service because it let me know that Comics By Go are comic book fans and actually cared about my books and my concerns and that they wanted to do the best job they could possibly do.  All email contact was very professional but yet personable at the same time to where I feel like I have established a slight friendship with Mr. Ogle and that's the type of business/person I want to deal with and that means a lot to me.  I already have a second stack of books to send out to get pressed and there is only one place I'll ever send my books to and that is Comics By Go.


Robbie Bateman

Huntsville, Al.

Check out our Gallery for more pics of this project as well as many others.

Thank you for the great looking book! Service was excellent and communication was great. Gordon emailed me and kept me updated on all things that he was doing throughout the pressing and cleaning process which was great! Thanks again!  M. C. from Connecticut

Batman 251 cleaned and pressed July 2017

Iron Man 1 cleaned and pressed June 2017

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