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Who Is ComicsByGo?


Gordon Ogle is the owner of ComicsByGo.  Gordon lives with his wife and family in Birmingham, Alabama.  Gordon is a true comic book collector at heart.  His favorite character is Iron Man.  Gordon and his brother Randy have been buying and selling comic books for over 35 years.

Professional Info

ComicsByGo has been buying and selling comic books for over 35 years.  We are experts in back issue Golden Age, Silver Age and Bronze Age comic books.  We also know a little about Modern Age comic books but we grew up on the oldies...they are our favorite.  ComicsByGo has been doing business as an Ebay seller for over 10 years.  We have also been traveling the south for 30+ years setting up at shows and conventions.  We have real lives and regular jobs we are truly hobbyist in the comic book and collectible world.

Contact Us:

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