Each order of 1 includes a pack of 100 SILVER AGE Comic book bags.

The BCW Comic Book Bag is an industry leader in providing quality protection at an affordable price.  FREE SHIPPING!

  • The SILVER COMIC BOOK bag holds most silver age issue comic books. 
  • The SILVER COMIC BOOK BAG is acid free and completely safe for storing your collectibles.
  • The SILVER COMIC BOOK BAG measures 7 1/8  by 10 1/2
  • The SILVER COMIC BOOK BAG is 2mil thickness
  • The SILVER COMIC BOOK BAG is made of polypropylene

"COMICSBYGO uses BCW products for their own comic book collectibles.  They are a great product for your comic book collection."

Free Shipping applies to the continental United States.  Our goal is to provide free shipping


Large Bulk Orders are always accepted!  If you need 500 or more comic book bags or boards email comicsbygoms@gmail.com for a bulk order price quote.

100 BCW Silver Age Comic Book Bags